Please note: These are the precautions we are taking for the Canine Influenza Outbreak in our area.

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We are screening all appointments for possible exposure
Any pets showing signs of a respiratory illness will be seen curbside and staff will wear appropriate protective attire
We are deep cleaning our exam rooms, lobby, scale, and other surfaces after EVERY pet regardless of exposure risk status
We have ordered the Canine Influenza Vaccine and will begin offering it within the next day or so
We will keep apprised of this ever-evolving situation
You and your pets are our highest priority


We do our best to treat every patient as they come in.


There are times when you may not be able to call ahead, and we understand that. In those cases, we do our best to treat cases as they come in.

Calling ahead is always beneficial, but we realize the importance of time in emergency situations, and we understand the difficult situation you could be in.